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Sharon Osbourne’s Crass Comments to Abby Lee Miller on ‘The Talk’

Former ‘Dance Moms’ star Abby Lee Miller was recently sentenced one year and one day in Federal prison after pleading guilty in her fraud case, and will begin serving her sentence in less than 45 days. While most people waiting to serve such a sentence would probably want to crawl into a hole and shy away from the public eye, Abby Lee has done the complete opposite.

On Tuesday she appeared as a guest co-host on Emmy winning CBS daytime show ‘The Talk’ where she openly discussed her case, telling co-hosts Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood that she was “absolutely ready” to go to jail. When asked if she would’ve done things different, Miller told the table, “I do.” Sharon Osbourne, however, was less than sympathetic towards Abby Lee Miller’s woes, making several crass remarks during the discussion, such as, “Don’t drop the soap” and “Orange is the new black.” Tyler made several attempts, to no avail, to get Sharon to stop making light of such a serious situation.

For someone who has had several scandals in her own family, I was rather surprised by Sharon’s lack of filter and sensitivity towards Abby. Then again, I wasn’t all that surprised at the same time, as I imagine she must lead a rather miserable life being married to a notorious drug abusing cheater.

Leah Remini was right all along – Sharon Osbourne really is a loser.

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