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O-Town Release Lou Pearlman Diss Track “Shady Business”

Hot off the heels of their brand new single, “Empty Space”, O-Town is back with yet another track, “Shady Business”, from their forthcoming album set for release later this year.

The song, written by Jacob Underwood, came to fruition late last year after ReWind Con – a 90s convention held in Chicago, just three months after the death of O-Town creator Lou Pearlman. Pearlman was serving a 25-year prison sentence for being the mastermind of a half-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme which not only took hundreds of thousands of dollars from O-Town, but other boy bands as well including *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

“A lot of the song was about Lou, but it was also about other things going on in our lives. Everyone has been taken advantage of by someone, we’ve all death with shady people,” says Underwood, going on to add that he and his fellow bandmates felt conflicted when they learned of Pearlman’s sudden death. “It’s unfortunate because Lou is known for starting all these great bands, so when he passed away we sort of felt torn.”

But with lyrics like “You should be ashamed the way you played the game, thinking fame was enough for us to think we’d get paid but I guess this is our thank you so thank you for doing wrong, rest in peace to shady business, adios, your time is done,” it’s clear there’s no love lost.

Take a listen to “Shady Business” below!