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Burnaby Dog Owner Dean Bersosevich: Victim or Instigator?

By now, most of you have probably heard about the dog-kicking incident that took place this past weekend. Burnaby resident Dean Borosevich was out walking his dog near Lougheed and Madison on Sunday when he was approached by a woman who, out of no where, started kicking his dog. The incident was caught on camera and has since made the rounds on various news networks across British Columbia. In addition, it has also sparked plenty of outrage – as it should – on social media. Dean also posted about the incident on Reddit, which has since led to individuals saying they want to resort to vigilante justice against the woman should they ever bump into her, with some of those comments even coming from Dean himself.

“I agree with you on the witch hunt thing. I generally hate them to be honest. But what this woman did is nuts,” wrote Borosevich. He even took things one step further and commented on the woman’s choice of clothing, saying, “She looked like someone’s one night stand, just not mine.”

And therein lies the problem, folks.

I was Team Dean until I saw some of his comments. There’s no doubt that what this woman did was wrong and, in my opinion, worthy of criminal charges. However, wanting to resort to street justice isn’t the right way to go about things. If you run into this woman and happen to have an animal with you, keep walking. If she follows you or does anything to harm your animal in any way, report it to police. Record it on video if you have the ability to do so, but don’t provoke her. Recording the incident was a good move on Dean’s part, but rather than walking away and reporting the incident, he seemed to egg her on further. Making fun of her looks and suggesting she “looks like someone’s one night stand” also doesn’t help matters. I’m not trying to defend the woman, but we really don’t know what she’s been through in her life. Whether it’s justified or not, comments like that are sometimes enough to send someone over the edge, and lord knows what kind of violence she’d resort to then – either against others, or towards herself.

We have to remember that words hurt, and also remember that we’re dealing with someone who is obviously not of sound mind. So instead of mocking and making fun of her, let’s hope she gets the help she so badly needs.

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