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Why American Idol Shouldn’t Return

Ever since American Idol went off the air last April, there has been speculation as to whether or not the reality singing series would return – especially with host Ryan Seacrest’s ambiguous, “Goodnight America….for now,” at the end of the season 15 finale.

Well, now it has been confirmed that Idol will, indeed, be returning – as soon as 2018. No word yet as to who will host the show, but all signs are leading to Ryan Seacrest returning. It would make sense considering he now works for ABC; the only thing that might stop him from being able to sign onto the show is the back and forth travel that he would have to do between New York and Los Angeles. So we’ll see. You know who I’d really like to see as AI’s new host? Nick Cannon. This wouldn’t be his first rodeo with hosting – and he’s fun and fresh! Kelly Clarkson is also rumoured to be part of the judging panel, and according to TMZ her schedule for 2018 is already being cleared. With a brand new album in the works with her new label, Atlantic, that’s set for release at the end of this year, I can’t imagine how joining Idol would be a good move for KC. What about touring?

There are plenty of factors at play as to why, in my opinion, American Idol returning is a bad idea. After 15 years, I know I’m not the only one who grew tired of the show. I think Idol’s ship sank after season 3. From the constant changes in judging panels to the show taking on new formats every once in a while…it just felt stale. Granted, moving from Fox to ABC, I know they probably have new ideas in mind and it won’t be exactly the same, but still, it’s just way too soon. I’m not saying American Idol should never return, but similar to when you break up with an ex, I think the general public still needs some breathing room.

I guess time will tell. Depending on how ABC plays their cards, this will either be amazing or turn out to be a complete disaster.

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