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Scott Baio is Such a Compassionate Human Being!

It’s no secret that ‘Happy Day’s star Erin Moran had a difficult life post-fame. She battled both drug and alcohol abuse throughout the years as well as had other issues going on in her personal life. However, it was confirmed by the Harrison County Coroner’s Office and Sheriff’s Department that there were no drugs or alcohol in her system at the time of her death, and that her passing was actually the result of complications from stage 4 cancer. Still, official confirmation wasn’t enough to stop her former co-star, Scott Baio, from suggesting drugs and alcohol were the culprits in her death, saying, “I feel bad because her whole life, she was troubled, could never find what made her happy and content. For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die. I’m sorry if that’s cold, but God gave you a brain, gave you the will to live and thrive and you gotta take care of yourself.” He of course tried to backtrack on social media, but no one was buying it.

First of all, Chachi? Fuck you. You need to do the world a favour and bite the dust (and take Donald Trump with you while you’re at it.) That being said, not a single person should be shocked that he said what he did. In addition to it being widely known that he treated Erin like shit when they dated, Scott Baio also has a history of being an abusive piece of shit to those who made the unfortunate decision to date him such as Nicole Eggert, Pamela Anderson, and the dipshit he’s married to now.

Scott Baio is nothing but an irrelevant asswipe and clearly has to say shit like this to keep his name in the news. Erin JUST died and he has the audacity to say what he did?! Whether we do drugs, drink, or die from an illness, someone needs to tell this motherfucker that death has EVERYONE’S number…including his.

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