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Paris Jackson: Animal Abuser?

Don’t come between a mama and her cubs. In this case, Paris Jackson and her dog Koa.

According to the King of Pop’s daughter, she was forced to break up a “fight scene” between her beloved pet and a possum during the early hours of Friday morning, tweeting, “kicked the shit out of it.” The tweet, which has since been deleted by Paris, did not sit well with many of her 1.29 million followers, causing her to further justify her actions, saying, “I’m all for animal rights and never harming another living creature but sorry, if my Koa is in danger, mama bear comes out. No regrets.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly understand wanting to protect your animal. Animals are like family, and as a pet owner myself I totally get it. I would be frightened if my dog or cat were to come face to face with another anima – one much larger and stronger than them. But this was a possum…and while they may look menacing, possums tend to be quite docile in comparison to other wild animals. Paris also did not say anything to suggest that the possum had actually attacked. Instead, it seemed more like she stopped that before it could actually happen, so her “kicked the shit out of it” reaction, to me, seemed a little bit extreme, and is not something I would’ve expected from someone who alleges to care for everything and everyone, according to a speech she gave last month. Yes, every animal should be protected – especially our pets – but the tone she took was absolutely horrific.

Is this really someone WME and IMG want representing their company?