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Global BC Strikes Again: News Network Outs Transgender Green Party Candidate Nicola Spurling

We were all outraged when Global BC aired video showing the brutal and senseless murder of Abbotsford Senior Secondary student Letisha Reimer last a year despite her family and authorities asking that they refrain from doing so – a decision that was made by the station’s news director, Jill Krop, which resulted in a petition being created calling for her immediate suspension, garnering over 1,500 signatures. We were also equally outraged when the network aired video of a man being shot by authorities outside of a Vancouver Canadian Tire; and now, British Columbians are outraged at Global yet again, this time for one of their reporters, Tanya Beja, outing Green Party candidate Nicola Spurling as Transgender.

While Spurling says she doesn’t place the blame on Global directly, instead calling it “miscommunication” between the station and the Green Party, I personally don’t think that Global should be let off the hook so easily, especially since this isn’t the first bad decision they’ve made – and they’ve made a lot in recent months. Had Global made efforts to apologize for their previous immoral reporting, then maybe, but click-baiting has become the norm for Jill Krop & Co. as of late, making Global the TMZ of Canadian news. A sad sight to see for a once-respected news network.

Jeff Varner, a contestant on Survivor: Game Changers, recently made headlines after outing fellow contestant Zeke Smith as being Transgender – something that was unbeknownst to many of his friends and family members. Varner faced plenty of backlash on social media as a result, and even lost his job.

Regardless of whether or not Nicola holds any animosity towards Global is besides the point. The fact of the matter is, outing someone is dangerous. Someone’s sexuality is their own private business and it is their story to tell when they’re ready to tell it – not when a news network deems it fit. What Global did was invasive and inappropriate, and at they very least they should be offering a public apology. But as the long as that network is helmed by Jill Krop, I won’t hold my breath. I can only wonder what her justification will be this time.

Perhaps the petition calling for Jill’s resignation┬áneeds to resurface.