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Jimmy Gulzar, You Ain’t Shit!

It’s no secret that Mel B’s choice in men has been…well, questionable, to say the least. Her first marriage to back-up dancer Jimmy Gulzar ended in 2000 after just 2 years together, though their relationship resulted in the birth of their daughter, Pheonix.

As everyone knows by now, Mel is currently embroiled in a legal war with her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, whom she accuses of domestic violence during much of their 10-year relationship. TMZ caught up with Mel’s ex, Jimmy, to discuss how he felt about the situation and the fact that his daughter was right in the middle of it. According to Jimmy, Mel “failed as a mom” by continuing to allow their daughter to be in such a volatile situation. He also says he knew that Belafonte owned a gun – one he wasn’t supposed to have – and that he was bothered by this. So bothered that he didn’t bother to call CPS or make any effort to get his daughter out of the situation. So bothered that instead of talking to police or someone who might actually be able to control the situation, he’s talking to TMZ.

So, Jimmy, if Mel was such a bad mom, then where the fuck were YOU?! If that gun was such an issue to you as it is now, where were YOU?! It seems like you’re talking just because you can without making any real, genuine effort to keep your child safe. Believe me, I know a thing or two about deadbeats, and Jimmy Gulzar is certainly one of them.

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