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Fyre Festival Fuckery

Did you hear about the Fyre Festival? If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock. To give you a quick rundown of exactly what the Fyre Festival is – or was supposed to be – think Coachella, rap, and really rich trust fund kids in the Bahamas. Ja Rule, one of the festival’s headliners, had promoted it weeks prior on social media along with other famous-for-doing-nothing celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, calling it the ultimate glamping experience. However, attendees got anything but. Instead of gourmet meals and a warm bed, they got half-built tents and cheese sandwiches. The Fyre Festival had quickly been dubbed ‘Rich Kids meets The Hunger Games’ and ‘Real Life Castaway’ on social media. The only thing missing was Wilson.

The obvious disorganization was enough to cause Blink-182 and other co-headliners to back out of the festival all together; and as soon as attendees had arrived to the Bahamian island, they were right back at the airport looking to find flights home.

While many are now suggesting the Fyre Festival was a scam, Ja Rule took to Twitter to refute that and said he was “heartbroken” by what had unfolded and was “working to make it right.” Still, it was too little too late for the individuals who had shelled out almost $250K to attend the prestigious event. Yes, you’re reading correctly…two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

First of all, who charges $250K for a damn music festival? Better question: What kind of IDIOT is actually willing to spend that much money ON a music festival?! As for the cheese sandwiches and sleeping arrangements…I’ve seen better options in jail.

I could’ve planned a better music festival than this in my sleep.

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