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Burnaby Residents Outraged Over Brentwood Town Centre’s ‘Feel Good Fridays’

Burnaby residents – seniors, in particular – are outraged over Brentwood Town Centre’s ‘Feel Good Fridays’ and Jazz music weekends, saying the loud music has no business being in the mall.

Angelica Wong, a resident of Burnaby for 50+ years, says Brentwood was once her go-to mall – having frequent coffee dates with friends as well as taking her young grandchildren for ice-cream over the years – but now she says she avoids the mall as much as possible, opting to have her coffee at home and now travels further to places like Coquitlam Centre. “It’s hard to go to Brentwood and enjoy it. The music is excessively loud and permeates throughout the entire mall.” Wong notes that if the mall absolutely insists on having music playing, they, at the very least, keep the noise level down and be respectful of the fact that not all shoppers appreciate loud music. “It doesn’t need to be as loud as a dance club!”

Another frequent shopper of Brentwood Town Centre, Tim, says he was recently at the mall for a dental appointment and had to reschedule as he could not sit through two hours of music while getting a root canal. Tim says he and his wife contacted mall management to complain and received the following response from Guest Service Supervisor Shabnam Makhasher: “The music is our way of providing something different to our guests and both programs have been running for several years. It has been very popular among our guests and only happens between 12-2pm. Apologies if it is not being liked.”

“What they were basically saying by their response was if I don’t like it, to go somewhere else. I wasn’t impressed,” says Tim. Tim now says he and other mall goers plan on filing a formal complaint with the City of Burnaby this week.

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